About Us

photo of parkIn 2013, after twenty-three years of living in Alaska, my husband Ben and I packed our dogs, Zoe and Kaylee, and our cat, Maddie, in our motorhome and took off with the vague idea of moving somewhere in Oregon. As luck would have it, our house didn't sell as planned, and we were "forced" to continue travelling long after we'd planned. As we were thoroughly investigating Highway 101 and the Oregon Coast, we stumbled upon the Chinook RV Park.

We enjoyed our brief stay immensely, and moved on down the coast. When we finished the Oregon coast, and our house still hadn't sold, we debated our options and decided to go back to the place we'd all been the happiest - Chinook. When our house finally did sell, we hated the idea of leaving and asked if we could stay another month. That's when the owners told us they wanted to retire and move closer to grandkids.

And that's how we found ourselves the very proud and excited owners of then Chinook RV Park. Since, we've gone to the dogs! We have no control over the fish run and the river. We can, however, offer an outstanding experience for travelers and their pets. So we changed the name to Rovers RV Park.

We're still having so much fun and look forward to sharing our unique little corner with you.

Contact Us

3299 E Alsea Hwy
PO Box 976
Waldport, OR 97394
(541) 563-3485
e-mail: Camp